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Since 2008, Stone Durango has offered quality paving services to the Destin area. Our collection of marble, cobblestone, concrete pavers and marble creates an elegant look to any landscape. Our reputation precedes any other. Our team of professionals pay attention to the smallest of details and will work with you through the entire process, from design, choosing a material to the day of installation.

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Not only do pavers add elegance and texture to your home’s landscape, it is also durable and can handle the weight of a car, truck or RV, and easy upkeep. Damaged, broken and discolored pavers can be replaced easily and minimal use of tools and expensive labor times.

We offer both residential and commercial services across the Destin area. Pavers aren’t limited to just driveways! Our team is able to install retaining walls, pool decking, patios, parking lots and more. We are able to create stunning exterior landscapes that will make your neighbors green with envy!

Most Popular Colors of Pavers Used in Destin, FL

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